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James Robert Moore, locally know as Bob Moore was born June 26, 1883 in Winchester, Virginia to Joe and Martha Moore.  He had two brothers, Westly and Eli.

In 1903 he met his dream girl, she was the feminist seamstress, the spunky Luvenia Laws.  the two married in Whitepost, Virginia.

In 1904 James as employed by the Southern Pacific Railroad and by this time was moving from state to state, and he decided to settle in California.  They first settled in Buttonwillow, California.  In 1914, he and Luvenia moved to 1017 Brown Street, in Bakersfield. 

To this union nine (9) daughters and one (1) son was born:  Martha, Florence, Luvenia, Elizabeth, Barbara, James, Jannie, twins Bertha and Roberta, and Mary. The children attended Williams Elementary School, Lincoln Jr. High School and Bakersfield High School.

As a railroad man, James’ jobs in his lifetime ranged from porter to cook and from maintenance to roundhouseman.  His own contract company solad wood supplies and provided work for farm laborers.

In 1927 the Moores purchased some land in the Virginia Colony in East Bakersfield and there they raised their own vegetables, chickens, ducks, geese turkeys, pigeons and pigs.

Luvenia made beautiful quilts and dresses made outof lour sacks.  She is best known for her homemade dinner rolls.

For recreation they listened to the radio, attended church, picnics and played the Victrola. Through these innocent delights they sustained the spirit of the family.

James Moore died in a San Francisco hospital at the early age of 48 from appendicitis.

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