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Martha Evans

Martha Evans

Born April 17, 1905, Martha Nancy Moore (Evans) started her formal education in Bakersfield, California, but at a very young age she started working to help her parents with her brother and sisters.  While in her early twenties, Martha moved to Berkeley, CA  where she began her professional career as a gourmet cook and operating her own catering business for years.  

Her passion for cooking came at an early age.  Martha sometimes reminisced:  “Papa would come home from work when he was in Virginia…That’s where I learned to cook…I remember when he came home that was when Florence, Luvenia and I were big enough to cook. Papa gave each of us a bowl. Each had the same ingredients in it –flour and all.  Papa told us each to make biscuits and everyone’s biscuits turned out different.  That’s when I learned that it’s all in the way you work it.”  

In 1938 she was united in marriage to John Evans.  A woman of grace and intelleigence, Martha had a passion for family reunion activities , knitting, sewing, and crafts.  She devoted her entire life to Christ and enjoyed sharing the Bible with everyone who came into her presence.  She was a long-time member of Phillips Temple CME Church until 97 years of age and received many awards and recognition.

At the time of her sunset on September 24, 2008 (103 years of age) Martha had one (1) daughter, Dorothy Moore-Banks

Eight (8) Grandchildren:  Carla (Phil) Berry, Michael (Pat) Gilmer, Kevin (Tina) Smith, Page (Evelyn) Smith, Esther Moore, Luanna Edigin, Arnold (Versie) Palmer and Terrence (Ava) Palmer.

Sixteen (16) Great Grandchildren:  Shelly Gilmer, Kevin Smith II, D. Drafton, Tiffany Gilmer, Marco Smith, Tracee Worley, Erin (Eric) Thomas, Clifford Worley, Felicia Palmer, Bianca Smith, Brian Palmer, Terrell Palmer, Kyana Palmer, Brandon Palmer, Brice Palmer,

Five (5) great-great grandchildren:  Monet, Mahogany, Azielle, Shanell, and Maia, Jayden.

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