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Almost every year since 1968, we have celebrated our family by gathering each year for a family reunion.  We have created this website to honor those who have come before us and to document and share our rich family history.  

Joseph Moore married Martha Newman, and from that union three (3) children were born: James Robert Moore born June 26, 1883, Westly, and Eli Moore.

James Robert Moore was born in Winchester Virginia; he married Luvenia Laws, at Whitepost Va. on June 10, 1903  James and Luvenia settled in Bakersfield, California in 1911.  Here they raised and educated nine (9) daughters and one (1) son: Martha Nancy Moore (Evans), Florence Irene Moore (Humphrey), Luvenia Moore (Brown), Barbara Beatrice Moore (Robinson), Elizabeth Moore (Adams), Roberta Moore (Young), Bertha Moore, Mary Magdalene Moore (Daniels), Janey Moore, and James Robert Moore II.

James Sr. worked on the railroad. They lived in Va and Pittsburgh Pa, making their home in Bakersfield California.

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