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21st Annual Family Reunion Dinner – 2016

21st Annual Family Reunion Dinner – 2016

This year was our 21st Annual Moore Family Reunion Dinner!   It’s crazy how so many years just flew by.   This year’s event was held on November 12 2016 in Vallejo, Ca.   I think all who attended would agree that we had a grand time coming together  it’s always exciting to see family and friends (who have become family) that you might not have visited with over the course of the year.  It was great to see family who traveled from Fresno and Bakersfield all the way to the Bay Area.

We started our program off proudly singing the Black National Anthem: Lift Every Voice And Sing by James Weldon Johnson. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been singing our anthem for 21 years!  I think we did a grand job of singing it this year.  I must admit that had some help from Brent Dana, a young man who is an awesome worship leader with the Revival Center Ministries (where our holiday gala was held). Brent is from Bakersfield as well –  as is many of the others who attend our annual dinner — including Pastor Ricky Nutt’s Famiy.


Photo by TJ Dunnivant

It’s really nice to see our young people participate in the reunion activities.  From the very young children to the young adults, there was much eagerness displayed, as they jumped right in and helped in many ways, i.e., from placing the programs and booklets on the table to serving the meals.  

Pastor George Brown led us in opening prayer and blessing of the food.  In his prayer he reminded us that “Jesus Is The Reason For the Season!”

Our program consisted of a holiday carousel, i.e., celebrating the winter holidays:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years.  But several years ago, someone decided to throw in a section of the program to celebrate birthdays.  I’m happy to report that the Tim Brown Family did a wonderful job of singing various versions of ‘Happy Birthday” songs — from the traditional song to what we fondly refer to as the black version, and they even presented us with a touch of jazz.  This talented family seamlessly moved from one version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to another — which put everyone in a veru jovial mood. 

From the birthday celebration part of the program, we then journeyed into the other winter holidays one by one — filling the evening with fun and laughter.  After having the lucky individuals sitting at the Thanksgiving Tables to give us a great big group GOBBLE, one person from each table shared with family and friends something for which he or she was thankful.  

We then moved on to the C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S holiday and we had singing groups divided by ages.  The under 18 age group did a wonderful job of singing Rudolph The Red Nose Raindeer.  You will notice in the above picture that there was active participation from the parents of this young group. 


Photography by TJ Dunnivsnt

They were followed by the 19 years of age up to 42 years of age group — which put a lot of breath and memory into the 12 Days of Christmas — everyone loved their rendition.  


And, last (but not least) came the 43 to 78 years of age group which sang Jingle Bells — a song that has some pretty interesting lyrics that we didn’t know about until it was too late.  You should take a moment to locate the lyrics and you will see what our group had a hearty laugh about.

After celebrating all of the holidays, we made time for “Moore News” on the program.  Lynell Moore did a presentation on the Moore Family Tree.  She explained many years ago, her mother, Mary Daniels, designed and started the family tree (which included the ten (10) children of James and Luvenia Moore).  Aunt Mary was blessed with the gift of creativity and this family tree that she created is a small example of the artistic creativity she possessed.


Photo by TJ Dunnivant Created by Mary M. Daniels

Lynell expressed the desire for families to complete his/her portion of the tree, and she provided us with copies of the tree to complete and return to her as soon as possible.  And, I thought it would be a great idea if friends of the family (who have become family) to document their family tree for us to include in our next Moore Family booklet.  George Brown announced that next year will be our 50th Annual Moore Family Reunion of summer camping.  And, Deborah Brown announced that the activities needed to be better planned for next summer’s reunion because the activities are key to bringing everyone together during the reunion.


Photography by TJ Dunnivsnt Quilt Created by Deborah Brown

We wrapped up the program with our grand raffle — which included a quilt prepared in love by Deborah Brown.  Everyone called foul when her son, Jeramie won the quilt in the raffle.  However, Jeramie made a smart move and traded the quilt for a rather large ice hockey table game that Cynthia Brown had won a few minutes earlier.  I was wondering what all the commotion was about at the back of the room when I saw the trade going down.  Jeramie’s son, Damian, was one happy kid to get the benefit of that trade. 

Well we hope everyone had a wonderful time and wish you all wonderful holidays.  We wish everyone health, love and peace in the upcoming year — and hope to see you next year at the summer reunion. 


2016 Dinner Program



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